Behavioural Reprogramming

Welcome to the Behavioural Reprogramming suite...

You might momentarily feel reassured by the soft Turkish carpets, the elegant Chesterfield, and the ambient lighting. On closer inspection, however, you can’t help but notice some more unusual items of furniture and some sharp, shiny, metal objects in the glass fronted cabinet.

Don’t be deceived as Miss Malice and Miss Myers, with Their radiant beauty and impeccable attire, welcome you into the inner sanctum with seductive smiles. Consider the cold, hard glint in Their eyes and hope with all your being that you will not disappoint on this occasion…

Behavioural reprogramming sessions, as a rule, take place at Islington HQ, although specialist facilities can be arranged on request.

Sessions with Miss Malice and Miss Myers are generally 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hrs in duration. However, The Ladies are happy to discuss more extended sessions.

Fees for the expert and joint attentions of The Ladies are as follows:

1hr £350

1.5hrs  £525

2hrs £700

Fees for more extended sessions by arrangement.

The Ladies charge £220 p/h to deal with miscreant males on an individual basis, however thanks to government funding arrangements, They are pleased to offer this very special service at a considerable discount.

For further details of what awaits you within the four thoroughly sound proofed walls of Islington HQ you are advised to study the Treatments and Procedures page.